Re-elect Mayor Adam Schneider in Long Branch

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  1. Dennis Sherman says:

    What a crock of dog poop. All the people and city got was special interest deals, tax abatements for developers, average tax increases $2,000 a year, inflated and excessive city budgets, bad developer deals for 29 years.,,,a bombed out flattened Broadway with no solid prospects and a conceited know it all self centered mayor whose nose gets longer every time he opens his mouth, he is not accessible to the community , no e mail and phone number to contact like John Pallone,,,never around and has divided the town and neglected large groups of people, our youth,more jobs ,all west of pier village which gets everything for visitor who pay no taxes,,,The Pallone team is the most experienced and dedicated citizens of Long Branch who will unite everybody, have long proven track records ,and be respectful to everyone and listen to everyone,, it is time for a change and new leadership. Not business as usual, no more lies and vicious untruthful attacks,,vote for honesty and the Pallone Team
    Dennis Sherman,,Save the Green Acres Ocean Avenue road and boardwalk from the mayor’s plans to put cars with people and steal the park again like he did last summer,,,,,,,

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