Pleasure Bay Days in Long Branch

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  1. Robert Pergola says:

    I just came across this website when Googling for information about my family history. It turns out my grandfather is part of the Pleasure Bay story. It is fantastic that this site is posting this information and keeping Long Branch history alive.

    My grandfather, Frank Pergola, purchased 14 acres at Pleasure Bay in 1929 from the Patten estate. I think he had great plans for it, but a few months after buying, the Great Depression hit. I have an old news clip announcing his purchase — and they spelled his name wrong.

    I see he’s mentioned on your website and again his name is misspelled. I’m guessing it was sourced with the same news article. The name is “Pergola” (not Peregola). Hope to see it fixed.

    Publisher: Correction made and thanks for your comments Robert.

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