Griffin Park — Monmouth Beach’s Playground

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  1. Gary Dunzelman says:

    Proud to have watched (and assistant coached) my children there. Another great story about our awesome town, Greg. Thank you.

  2. Sharon Smith says:

    My dad Ray Dougherty was a Tidal Wave coach right thru Ed Carlton leagues with my brother, Kevin, and all kids his age: Brian O’ Halloran, Jackie Mahoney, Jim and Billy Morton, Billy Barham, and lots more also.

    • Alan Gaarder says:

      I played on the original Tidal Wave team c. 1962. The Falcons also formed that year. MB only fielded one team in prior years. To the best of my recollection original teammates were Kevin, Paul Kleiberg, John Rendon, Jim Donnelly, Don Prout, Eddie Koch, Bob West, Richard Holmes, John Peterson, Steve Rose, Ron Gaarder, and myself. Hope I didn’t miss anybody. Brian was a teammate later on.

      Mr. Donnelly was the original coach with Mr. Prout assisting. Your dad became second coach in a year or two with Mr. Van Wagner assistant coach. Some of us reunited to play for MB in the over 40 men’s league when we were about 60 — Kevin, Jim D, John P, Brian, Billy Morton, and myself with a cameo appearance by Jim Morton.

      Our team was “age adjusted” very good … horrible in absolute terms. Lots of fun though.

      • Alan Gaarder says:

        Bud Van Wagner was a teammate later on and possibly on the original team. Nicky Chakolos (sp?) may also have been on the original team.

  3. Courtney Wladyka says:

    Fingers crossed for an updated playground there in the near future! Thanks for sharing!

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