Monmouth Beach Inn

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  1. Jim McConville says:

    Interesting article Greg. Thanks for posting.

    I recall some trivia from the MBI. I can name most of the players from the 1950 softball team. Interesting that my father, who was the pitcher on that team, always joked about how he pitched and Whitey Ford played center field. LOL. The Monmouth Beach Inn was my first home in 1952. My father and grandfather, Harry J. Woolley, leased the MBI for a couple of years.

    Anyway — I enjoyed reading the article. Best wishes.

  2. Tracy Madonia says:

    I love seeing these pictures. My grandparents, Bill and Terry Flaherty, are in a few. So grateful to have these.

  3. Cindy Galko says:

    I lived in Monmouth Beach for the entire 1960s — went to school there. We lived at 36 Monmouth Parkway. The Boyle’s were good friends of ours.

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