Monmouth Beach: Rich & Famous Era

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  1. Pam C. says:

    I just heard this yesterday and wanted to know if anyone could confirm this please. Was there a farm on the EAST side of Ocean Avenue in Monmouth Beach that was about 4 miles long in the late 1800s? If yes, do you have any info I can read up on it more or any website that talks about this? Thanks.

  2. Al Hassinger says:

    More than likely it was the kitchen gardens for large families tended by the help.

  3. Mike Whitacre says:

    Once again Greg. Great research! Great story!

    Editor’s Note: My thanks to a smart teacher. Appreciate the compliment Mike.

  4. renate says:

    An informative summary of the history of this town. Thank you, Greg. I enjoyed reading this.

  5. James Sutphen says:

    I just discovered through newspaper clippings that my Great Grandfather (John H Sutphen) was one of the councilmen and architects in early 1900 in Long Branch. I also found out his son my Grandfather (J. Woodward Sutphen) was a ranked competitive speed skater. I am wondering where I may find photographs from this time. I may travel out from Arizona as I am very interested. Thank you.

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