Shorelands of Monmouth Beach

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  1. Cindy Galko says:

    I used to live at 32 Monmouth Parkway — we were friends with the Hennessey, DeMasi, and Fenderlander families.

  2. Ralph Bitter says:

    Anyone know of a Richard Dodge? I found a couple items about an R. H. Dodge at 65 Monmouth Parkway — my grandparents old home.

  3. Ralph Bitter says:

    As far as I can tell, my grandparents house (old) 65 Monmouth Parkway — is the current block 28 lot 15.01 (you can see it on the 1916 map). I’ve gathered a number of old Shorelands property transactions and the block numbers are all single digits up in to the 1930s. Any info to cross-reference?

    I went to MB School for K to 2 from 1955-57. At that time the middle section of the point was largely undeveloped. I roamed all thru the cattails there — no golf course to be found. BTW — I went to school with Sidney Johnson.

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