A Brief History of the Sheehan/Ennis Families

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  1. Mary Hopkins Long says:

    Thank you.

  2. Blanid T says:

    So awesome! These are my ancestors — would love to visit that farm!

  3. Colleen Engel says:

    Love the details in the stories of the families. Who they are, their stories etc.

    I am interested to know if anything else is known of Ann Larrigy. I guess that she was born Ann Laragy as I can find a number of records of her, James and their children, with her as Laragy, Larcy, Largy, Saragy (obvious a mistake) etc. James is listed sometimes as Jacob and Jacobi as the Priest sometimes wrote in Latin.

    I see that Ann was born in Faheerin Westmeath. Both William Laragy and my gggg grandfather Owen Laragy had land in this area in the early 1800. (I live in Australia). While William had a daughter Ann, she was born much later than this Ann. Mmm. Wish that I could find her family for sure.

    James and Ann lived in Castletown Geoghegan and there are still Larrigy families who live there (I have a number of Laragy/ Larrigy families who lived there and at least two of those had daughters named Ann). These Larrigys were all born as Laragy but some of the family took up the name Larrigy eg Frank Larrigy of Larrigy’s Pub, Kilbeggan. Makes research interesting at times.

    I will be meeting up with the Ennis family who are still living on the Ennis farm when I go to Ireland in July. Will let you know of I can find any further info on Ann and James.

    Colleen Engel

  4. Glenn R. Trezza says:

    Greg, great article.

    By the way, Johanna Mortell’s maiden name was “Davis” and her eldest daughter Catherine Mortell married (the later Congressman) Denis Michael Hurley in Amenia, NY in 1865, per newspaper reports (though I’ve not been able to get a copy of a church record verifying same). The Congressman and Catherine were my maternal great-great-grandparents.

    Best wishes, Dr Glenn Trezza, Boston MA

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