MB Politics: Johnson & Johnson Style

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3 Responses

  1. Patti Barham Campbell says:

    Just loved reading about Uncle Sid and Aunt Viv. Can’t wait to send it to Madeline Johnson Stein.

    Patti Barham Campbell

  2. Martin says:

    Years ago I remember Vivian showing me a photo of the iconic boat shaped bar in her night club. It was truly unique. I would tell her that my father reminisced that he would be sent by my grandmother to escort my grandfather home during the late 1920s. Vivian would whisper “people thought I was selling liquor in those days.” Years after the fact she stood by her story of not violating prohibition.

    Martin Weinstein

  3. Larry R. Paul says:

    Do you have an address on River Avenue for the Vivian Johnson Tea Room? Or a photograph of the building? Scammell China Co. of Trenton made china with a triangle border with a crest that has “VJ” within a vertical rectangle. This china was supplied by the Albert Pick Co. of Chicago.

    I am trying to identify as many Scammell customers as possible and in this case would like to make sure that the Vivian Johnson Tea Room was large enough to have this crested china supplied by a Chicago company when there were Scammell suppliers in Philadelphia that could have supplied Monmouth Beach.

    Any information you can supply on the tea room would be appreciated.

    Thank you, Larry R. Paul

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