MB Patriots: Chief Richard L. Keller

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8 Responses

  1. Linda Miller says:

    Awesome article Greg!

  2. Eugene LaVergne says:

    Nice man.

  3. Ellen Cahill says:

    Beautiful article about a kind, amazing and caring man. He was, is, and will always be ‘Chief’ to us!

  4. Steve Rose says:

    Before he was the Chief we called him “Sarge.” He was instrumental in starting me on my road to recovery by introducing me to someone who was willing to help. It didn’t take that time, but later on it did. Since then, I’ve been in recovery for 29 years.

    We also bowled on one of the MB Fire Company bowling teams, where he was “the Anchor Man” (best bowler, bowled last).

    Our friendship continued when he was director of the MB Cultural Center. After I moved I always stopped by when I was in town.

    He was a great guy.

  5. Paula Murray says:

    Great article Greg.

  6. Thomas C. Walsh says:

    Outstanding article paying homage to an outstanding leader.

  7. Leon Russomano says:

    Anybody without a family was always welcome into the Keller household. At any holiday. Beautiful people.

  8. Gary Mihm says:

    One of the things that made him a great man was just the fact that no matter whether he was chief, patrolman, or driving the snow plow he was an all-around decent human being. Thanks chief and to your family as well.

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