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8 Responses

  1. Paula Murray says:

    This is wonderful Greg. Thanks😄

  2. Chris Gustafson says:

    Greg, this is an incredible picture which I don’t remember at all. I am in this picture to the left with the MB Falcons, right behind Allen Jones, and Bill Gironda. Thanks for sharing!

    Greg Kelly: Thanks to you Chris for visiting my site, looking and commenting. Pass it along please keep coming back. Best, Greg.

  3. Mary Hunnewell says:

    Wonderful picture! Many missed!

  4. Kathy Jones Dunford says:

    I see Harold Murphy, Sid Johnson. Mr Burns, and Lou Sodano. But the others … I’m too old now. Will pass onto my younger sisters and brothers.

  5. Scott Pastorius says:

    Greg, this is fantastic. I’ve seen it before but was never able to zoom in for a good look. I remember the day this was taken…over at the field on Racoon Island where the Babe Ruth league played and practiced.

  6. Koch/Primavera says:

    I ran out of fingers and toes counting how many of them I taught!

  7. Linda Miller says:

    There are actually 6 Jones’s in the photo. Linda, Allen, Lester, Bobby, Johnny, and our mom, Roberta. Great memories in this photo.

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