The Trials of Dr. Carl Coppolino

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  1. Alex Bailey says:

    (Florida State Prosecutor Frank) Schaub had a witness testify that Carmela’s death was wrongly ascribed to a heart attack because Coppolino persuaded a physician that she had suffered chest pains earlier. He called Carmela’s father to relate how Coppolino claimed an autopsy had proved that a heart attack was the cause of death — though in fact no autopsy had been performed at the time.

  2. Somehow you make time stop and fly at the same time. I enjoyed your posts.

  3. Susan says:

    Love your writing Greg. Very captivating article. So Dr. Coppolino got away with murder. Sad…

  4. Chris Flapp says:

    I was a young court reporter when this happened. The media would not leave Dr. Coppolino alone — he was unfairly convicted by the press.

  5. F. Lee Baily says:

    Guilty as sin. Rot in hell.

  6. Orville H. Larson says:

    Was this a miscarriage of justice? Who knows?

    Carl Coppolino, M.D. was acquitted of murder in New Jersey, but was convicted of second-degree murder in Florida. Odd verdict, that. How the hell can one allegedly administer a drug — which requires premeditation — and be convicted of second-degree?

    I read Coppolino’s book years ago. He discusses his prison experiences, and his legal efforts to gain parole. I remember he was critical of F. Lee Bailey’s money-grubbing after Coppolino’s conviction in Florida.

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