Getting Approved in Monmouth Beach

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3 Responses

  1. Michael laffey says:

    Seems like a much better system and a better way of life than what we have today.

  2. Kathy Jones Dunford says:

    Your Dad saved my father’s life for which we are all grateful. I found Dad moaning in pain one Sunday morning and from my medical experience knew something serious was wrong. So I called your home which was across the street from ours and within minutes Dad was rushed to Riverview and on the operating table for the next 14 hours. Drs. Charlie Kelly and George Sheehan cut through all the usual red tape in getting a very sick patient, my Dad, to the surgeon who saved him from a ruptured aortic aneurysm. Those were the days when doctors were in charge of healthcare and medicine was not regulated by lawyers and bureaucrats. Thanks Charlie and George!!!

    Kathy Jones Dunford, daughter of Stan Jones formerly of River Avenue

  3. Steve Rose says:

    Two very fine men.

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