What’s Your Favorite Pizza?

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  1. Al Hassinger says:

    Ok, so I’m reporting from Michigan, but I still have sand in my shoes. The pizza here is generally dreadful. Surveys such as the above usually list the location of a favorite … chain! The following is my Yelp review of a popular local pizza place — Green Lantern Pizza in Rochester, Mi.

    Green Lantern. Hmm. Sorry, I just don’t get it. The name means nothing. It’s like Murphy’s Chinese Restaurant. Might be great but it doesn’t draw me in. The pizza is the same Michigan cheese and bread bomb that seems to be everywhere. It’s like someone sang off key 50 years ago and everyone copied it.

    A cap of cheese over sauce that squishes out when you bite it. Bready crust and that same crumbled pre-cooked Italian “sausage” — 2 pizzas and $29 dollars later. Sorry, it’s at best a dressed up Little (you know who’s). Attached is true thin crust flavorful pizza. Fresh sausage. Not too much anything. Problem. It’s in Neptune, NJ.

    Green Lantern. I don’t see the light!

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