A Building Grows in Sea Bright …

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  1. Al Hassinger says:

    I worked at Sea Bright Hardware when I was in RFH High School. I remember Mr. Tocci — he could be a bit rough around the edges but was a good boss.

    I still think of sweeping the sand from out of the old wooden floor and getting small glass bottles of Coke out of an old water cooler he had in his office. He’s also have me do other jobs when it was slow. One was collecting rent from the tenants for him, (I think that’s what the soda was for) or cleaning out the apartments when a tenant left. One apartment had about 100 mugs and bar glasses in it obviously lifted from Ichabod’s among other places.

    Mr. Tocci drove a 1967 Imperial Lebaron, brown with cloth interior. It was massive and so elegant. He would leave me running the store (at 15!) because the only gas station that had leaded premium was in Long Branch. He finally sold it when he couldn’t even get that! Those were the days!

  2. Sharon Tosel Liljestrand says:

    Another beautiful picture history of Sea Bright. I grew up going to the grammar school around the corner from Fowlers and the Drug store. Such wonderful memories of a special town. Thankyou for sharing.

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