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Presented here are distinctive Monmouth Beach images from various times, places and sources. I claim no ownership of these photos — I just track them down and post them. Sources provided will be credited (and please check back for regular updates):

Springtime surfing in Monmouth Beach, 2022 (Jack Flaherty Photo).

Old MB Post Office at Riverdale Avenue and Beach Road, 1950s.

“Moonlight sail over the silvery sea.” Monmouth Beach, NJ postcard.

Beach Tavern at the foot of West Street under construction, 2014 (Jack Flaherty Photo).

Manahasset Hotel postcard, 1930s. (it says Monmouth Beach but the hotel was in Long Branch).

The Admiralty high-rise condo on Ocean Avenue, 2000s.

Brian Boru O’Brien — a Monmouth Beach native and accomplished Broadway stage performer — seen with fellow cast members of the Broadway hit, “Chicago the Musical,” 2021. Brian made his theatrical debut in “Steel Pier” in 1997 and followed with work in: “Spamlalot,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Annie Get Your Gun,” and “Promises, Promises.” A talented dancer-singer actor, Brian has starred in the Tony-winning Chicago for 8 years. It’s all been a “dream come true” for the Seton Hall University graduate who never took a dance class.

Monmouth Beach postcard, 1960s.

Old gas station, 1940s. This service station at Ocean and Riverdale Avenues (near the Long Branch border) dates to October 1924 when property owner, J. William Jones, installed two 20,000-gallon above-ground gas tanks. Although the area is zoned for business, the snooty Monmouth Beach Association opposed the plan so Jones obtained a NJ Superior Court order to operate. Jones was a savvy city politico — serving on the Long Branch Commission for decades including two terms as city mayor (1928-1932 and 1948-1952). Born in Long Branch the son of school teachers, he died in December 1958. Nearly a century later the business still operates — recently renovated and reopened. Today it is a Liberty Petroleum fuel station.

Griffin Park ball field upgrades get going, December 2021. Improvement plans also include new Pickle Ball courts and a micro-soccer field.

Monmouth Beach Falcons, 1976. A borough Little League team coached by Larry Brower (in red shirt). The ballplayer at far right in front is Jason Garrett, the former Offensive Coordinator for the NFL’s New York Giants and former Head Coach of “America’s Team” — the Dallas Cowboys. Jason has Monmouth Beach roots, parents Jim and Jane, raised eight children in town. His dad’s 50-year NFL career included stints as defensive coordinator for the NY Giants and a Dallas Cowboys scout. He died in February 2018. Born in 1966, Jason also played QB for the Cowboys and the Giants and starred at Princeton University. In 2010, he became the Cowboy’s Head Coach where he built a solid record — winning three NFC East division titles and posting a 85-67 record. Jason was a favorite of the Cowboy’s billionaire owner Jerry Jones right up until his dismissal in 2020.

Turn of the century beach walk in MB.

A plethora of colors during a MB sunset on the Shrewsbury River, Fall 2021.

Heading south on Ocean Avenue in a wind storm, Fall 2021.

Mayor Sidney Johnson (c) opens the new Hickey Real Estate Agency building at 37 Beach Road, December 1976. At right are owners Frank and Helen Hickey, left is Charles Beusing, borough planning board chairman. The Hickeys operated their firm from 1970 to 1988. Helen, a general’s aid during WW II, was the first women president of the Monmouth County Board of Realtors in 1985. She died in July 1992 and Frank in August 1993, they raised six children in town. The couple’s view of the real estate trade: “It’s not a business of days and weeks, but of years.”

Joan Parent, Realtors ad, Asbury Park Press, 1984. The firm’s snappy slogan — “We cover the waterfront” — proved most effective during a town real estate sales boom through the 1990s.

The new Joan Parent building on Beach Road on it Grand Opening, September 1981. Anthony Covias designed the building. Beginning with just herself and a part-time secretary, the Parent real estate firm grew to 35 employees. The business merged with VRI Realtors in 2000.

Siblings from the Farrell family of Monmouth Beach at Fenway Park in Boston, 2010s. Their brother John Farrell managed the Red Sox to a World Series title in 2013.

“Yacht Bar in the Marine Room” at Vivian Johnson’s Nightclub on Ocean Avenue, 1933.

Oceanfront high-rise condo construction starts along Ocean Avenue, early 1970s. It’s probably The Shores — twin, 12-story buildings. The $8 million project broke ground in Sept. 1973. The MB Club is in the background (Louis Tsakiris Photo).

Monmouth Beach coast, 2018. (Frank E. Snead Photo) The MB Club is just south although unseen.

“SeaVerge” (r) in all its glory. During a “Gay Nineties” Summer.

Club Circle (color postcard), 1912.

US Life-Saving Station #4 at Monmouth Beach, NJ. October 1894. Pencil sketch by Milton James Burns (American, 1853-1933).

Patten Avenue Bridge looking to Long Branch, 1920s. The body of water is Manahasset Creek (an indentation of Pleasure Bay).

Monmouth Beach Professional Building on the corner of Beach Road and West Street, 2021.

Fireworks display off MB, 2020.

Monmouth Beach Summer sunrise, 2021 (Helen McAndrew Photo).

Monmouth Beach emergency siren located behind borough hall — loud but effective 2021.

Image from Long Branch Daily Record, May 1965. Hennessey was from Monmouth Beach and Hayden was from Elberon.

USS Lancaster, a three-masted tall ship, seen from the MB coast, 1889.

Old Monmouth Beach Post Office on the Beach Road and Riverdale Avenue corner, late 1950s — around the time Salvatore C. Tringola, Sr., acquired the business. The post office moved out in 1962.

Karyn Jarmer, the Executive Chef/Owner of My Kitchen Witch Cafe on Beach Road, 2021. Serving “home-cooked, healthy comfort food” since 2005. MORE INFO.

Tidal Wave about to hit Riverdale Avenue? No, just a wild spring storm front, June 2021.

Pete’s Inn bar, 1943. In front: Grandma Sheridan, Ed and Pat Holden. Behind the bar: Ed and Mary Holden.

Wharfside Manor Condominiums set on the Shrewsbury River, June 2020. Shorelands point is in the background.

Late spring storm over Monmouth Beach, June 2021.

Late spring storm over Monmouth Beach, June 2021.

David Stickle is sworn in as MB mayor by Borough Attorney Dennis Collins. Wife Lisa Stickle holds the Bible and son Michael Stickle looks on, May 2021 (Jack Flaherty Photo).

Sunrise and sand dunes at MB, 2021 (Dave Hochman Photo).

A lone palm atop the Ocean Avenue seawall in MB, June 2021. The first MB-SB seawall was built in 1931 and parking was banned in 1954.

Ocean Avenue looking north after Superstorm Sandy, October 2012 (MBFD Photo).

Salle Tee’s Grille surrounded by Superstorm Sandy flooding, October 2012 (MBFD Photo).

Patten Avenue newly repaved, 2021 (Jack Flaherty Photo).

Judge Patrick J. McGann, Jr.  and his wife Bernadette after being sworn in as a judge of the Monmouth County Court. Long Branch Daily Record, January 1968. The couple raised their six children in Monmouth Beach. A Fordham Law School grad and NJ State Assemblyman, Judge McGann died in April 2012.

Coast is clear, 2021 (Jack Flaherty Photo).

MB girls softball team, 1970s.

Ad in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 1920. The 42-room hotel was really in Long Branch; it burned in Feb. 1929. The two previous owners dating back to 1911 were Anna Levine and Peter A. Walters.

New MB Post Office dedication, Long Branch Daily Record, October 1962.

Gulf station on Ocean Avenue in town, 2021. (Michael Booth Image).

Andy Zeim’s Flying A Service Station on Ocean Avenue, 1940s.

Andy Zeim. He was a MB School board member from 1950 to 1959; then school custodian from 1961 to 1973. He was also a PTA president in the 1950s. He was a MB resident from 1942 til his death in January 1979.

The “Skeleton” on Ocean Avenue, 1977. Today, it stands finished as The Admiralty. Construction began in 1973, was halted for four years due to unfavorable economic times for two separate owners. It was finally opened in August 1982. The 14-story, 162-unit high-rise cost $24 million to develop by Cofas Associates.

St. Peter’s Church in Galilee, 1925.

Monmouth Beach Professional Building on Beach Road, 2020.

“Steamboat: Sea Bird” by Gail Gannon. Steamboat travel in and around the Shrewsbury and Navesink Rivers dates to 1825. By its end in 1930, 64 different steamers had worked the two rivers.

“Sea Bird” steamer in live action, 1887. Built in 1866 at Hunter’s Point NY, she was part of the Merchants Steamboat Company line operating until 1926. The wooden, side-wheeler was 187 feet long. The boat business was run by the Throckmorton family of Red Bank. The Sea Bird was docked off Wharf Avenue.

“Christmas on River Avenue, Monmouth Beach.” My Aunt LIz Sheehan’s old home painted by Ann Danieli.

“Dog Run” — under the Tsakiris home along the ocean, Christmastime 2012.

Monmouth Beach Delicatessen & Liquors on Beach Road, 1970s. The store opened at the above location in November 1962. The owners were Catherine Hansen and Catherine Gemano. In August 1964, Little Silver residents Fred Bruno and Bill Geroni took over. They were well-liked partner-owners.

Monmouth Beach Deli Grand Opening. From Left: Mayor Sidney Johnson, Fred Bruno, Lucy Bruno and Bill Geroni. Red Bank Register, August 1964.

A winter day dawns at MB, 2020 (Matthew Moran Photo)

Another day in MB, 2020 (Kevin Foley Photo).

Lou’s Corner Store on Riverdale Avenue, 1968. Commerce started there in 1924 when John Wheeler opened a US Post Office and adjoining luncheonette and store.

2013 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox team at the White House. (Manager John Farrell is in front, second from right). Boston was 97–65 that season and beat the St. Louis Cardinals 4-2 games in the Fall Classic.

Sheridan’s Garage, 1920s. Today, the location is Boyle’s Tavern.

Sunset along the waters in MB, 2020 (Jack Flaherty Photo)

MB Post Office, 1950s. Opened by John Wheeler in 1924 who also operated a store at the corner of Beach Road and Rivedale Avenue.

Monmouth Beach, New Jersey by Francis Augustus Silva, late 1800s.

Early fall sunset at MB, 2020.

All coastal colors are at play this day in MB, 2020. (Julee Bottcher Photo).

The Niles Family of Monmouth Beach, 1907.

Sunset along the Shrewsbury River, 2014.

Sunset along the Shrewsbury River, 2014.

MB post office, 2013.

Riverdale Avenue looking north at railroad crossing, 1950s.

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt with Major General George Van Deusen (r) at Fort Monmouth, 1943. The US Army general was the fort’s commanding officer (from 1942-1945) and later a MB resident.

Storm waves pound Ocean Avenue homes, 1978.

Storm waves clear seawall onto Ocean Avenue, 1991.

The Shores high-rise condo on Ocean Avenue, 2020. Each tower is 12 stories and holds 66-units.

The Admiralty high-rise condo on Ocean Avenue, 2020.

MB gas-service station on Ocean Avenue, 2020. On sale for $1.8 million.

MB corner store, 1976.

MB-American Bicentennial Celebration, July 1976.

Storm damage to Ocean Avenue seawall, 1930s

Channel Club on opening day, Spring 1967.

Storm flooding along Ocean Avenue, 1930s.

MB firehouse (r) and borough hall (l) on Beach Road, 1930s.

Monmouth Beach Tidal Waves, 1973.

Beach Road-Ocean Avenue road sign and traffic light after Hurricane Sandy, 2012.

Monmouth Beach Mart/Corner Store at Riverdale-Beach, 1960s.

Beginnings of Mihm’s Boat Works at the foot of West Street, 1940s.

The old seawall along Ocean Avenue, 1920s.

Flooding on Riverdale Avenue, 1960s.

The “Skeleton,” uncompleted high-rise condo on Ocean Avenue, 1974. It was completed in 1981 as The Admiralty.

Yacht Bar in the Marine Room at Vivian Johnson’s Nightclub on Ocean Ave, 1930s.

Gas station on Ocean Avenue, 1920s.

Groundbreaking for MB Mart. From left: Joan & Lou Sodano, Rose “Rosie” Cerrato, and Sal & Gina Tringola, 1968.

Mayor Sidney Johnson and Ray Hinck during MB-American Bicentennial celebration, July 1976.

Bill Heath, longest-serving MBBP manager, 1970s.

Glorious sunset in MB, Summer 2020 (Jack Flaherty Photo).

MB beach erosion, July 4, 2020.

MB coast at dawn, 2019.

MB Mart opens. APP, November 1968.

Valentine Street–Riverdale Avenue area, 1930s. (Photo submitted by Kerry Murray Lawlor).

Along the MB shore, 2009.

Monmouth Beach Life by Jack Flaherty, 2020.

Looking north into MB at dawn, 2018.

Typical Central Jersey train that ran from Sandy Hook to Long Branch, 1930s.

MB-American Bicentennial Parade, 1976.

Storm damage along Ocean Avenue, 1970s.

Patten Avenue Bridge, 1930s.

MB women’s softball, 1950s. Can anyone identify the players?

MB sands — come and go, 2018.

Cottage Road beach area. One of the sand erosion “hot spots” along the NJ coast, 2011.

MB Memorial Day ceremony, 1990s.

Pete’s Inn and the Sheridan family, 1943.

Scene from the HBO-TV show “The Sopranos,” that was filmed in Monmouth Beach, 2000.

Monmouth Beach coast looking south, 2006.

Yacht Bar in Marine Room at Vivian’s Johnson’s Night Club on Ocean Avenue, early 1930s.

Shrewsbury River viewed from Galilee, 2017.

MB Post Office in Village Square, 2017.

MB ballplayers on Racoon Island, 1974. (Dan Hennessey photo)

Owners Mary Holden and Ed Holden in Pete’s Inn, 1945.

“Dogs for Defense” — US Coast Guardsmen from MB station use dogs to help patrol the shoreline during World War II. The photo won a NJ Press Association award (APP, Oct. 1943).

A Monmouth Beach sunset, April 2020. Jack Flaherty Photo.

The Admiralty Condo on Ocean Avenue, 2010s.

Old MB Post Office work area, 1940s.

Old MB Post Office, 1920s.

Monmouth Sailing Center on West Street, 1970s.

Patten Avenue swing bridge, 1920s.

Sheridan’s Garage on Willow Avenue — later Pete’s Inn and now Boyle’s Tavern.

Mayor Henry Mihm (l) with his three sons: Henry Jr., George and Walter.

MB Deli and Post Office on Beach Road, 1970s.

Old MB Post Office lobby, 1940s.

Wells Fargo Bank on Beach Road, 2020.

MB Mart and corner store, 1970s.

The Garrett family at their Ocean Avenue home in MB, 2016.

Eddie Lecarreaux of the US Army Corps of Engineers Marine Division inspects a seawall pipe for the first-ever sand replenishment project in MB, November 1962.

The Shores condo on Ocean Avenue under construction, 1975. The twin-tower high-rise was 12 stories with 132-units.

Sunset on Beach Road, 2019.

MB coast in winter, 2019.

Wharfside Manor condos, 2019.

Winter time surfer off MB, 2020 (Jack Flaherty Photo).

Channel Club, 2019.

Surfer off MB, 2019 (Jack Flaherty Photo).

Beach replenishment along MB coast, 2019.

Beach replenishment along MB coast, 2019.

Cars and ducks deal with flooding near Patten Avenue bridge, 2010s.

Atlantis Yacht Club pool, 2010s.

New playground at Griffin Park, 2019.

Beach Road -River Avenue intersection, 1920s.

New Ocean Avenue under construction looking north in MB, 1980s.

Mayor Sidney Johnson (l) starts MB baseball season, 1970s.

Walter Mihm at the Channel Club, early 1970s.

MB Centennial Homes Committee, 1976.

Congressman Jim Howard speaks at Channel Club in MB, 1974.

Monmouth Commons, 2019.

Monmouth Commons, 2019.

Shot & Beer at Boyle’s Tavern, 2019.

MB sunset, 2019.

Ocean Avenue flooding at the MB-LB border, 1968.

Cat tails at the foot of Borden Street, 2019 (Jack Flaherty Photo).

River bank in MB at low tide, 2019 (Jack Flaherty Photo).

Asbury Park Press, March 1972.

MB surf, 2013.

MB surf, 2013.

MB surf, 2019.

MB shoreline, 2016.

MB moonlight postcard, 1910.

MB cat tails at sunset, 2019.

New Monmouth County National Bank on Beach Road, 1968.

Clarence Cook (r), new borough clerk and Roy Olsen, new tax assessor, 1964. A varsity wrestler at Rider College, Cook ended up developing a way with numbers. “He knew the Monmouth Beach books cold,” said Sidney Johnson.

Storm waves top Ocean Avenue seawall, 1966.

Old MB-LB border on Ocean Ave./Route 36 scene of deadly accidents, 1966.

Pat McConville rides his bike on flooded Riverdale Avenue, 1967.

Grand opening of the Channel Club. From left: Walter Mihm, owner; Murray Tulis, president, and Ray Hinck, general manager, 1967.

The Shores twin towers artist rendering, 1973.

Breakwater Cove Apartments sketch proposal, 1971.

Dedication of Captain James R. Heimbold memorial field at Griffin Park, 1972.

Valentine Street bridge closed off, 1967.

Monmouth Sailing Center, 1970s.

The Shores condo sketch proposal, 1974.

Jay W. Ross stands before the two buildings he donated to MB, the police station (l) and the library (r), 1992.

Here: Pete’s Inn outhouse, Before: MB police kiosk on Ocean Avenue, Now: Situated on Well Fargo property, 1940s.

Channel Club Marina at sunset, 2000s.

Tiki Bar at Channel Club Marina, 2010s.

Boat hoist at Channel Club Marina, 2010s.

Channel Club Marina, 2010s.

Dock damage at Channel Club Marina after Hurricane Sandy, 2013.

Workers replace docks at Channel Club Marina after Hurricane Sandy, 2013.

Workers replace docks at Channel Club Marina after Hurricane Sandy, 2013.

Louis Ferrugiaro honored in MB after Vietnam War injury, 1971.

MB Falcons, early 1970s.

Dead 60-foot, 50-ton finback whale washed up on borough beach, 1961.

Storm clouds over MB, 2019 (Jack Flaherty Photo).

Shrewsbury River low tide in MB, 2019 (Jack Flaherty‎ photo).

Emergency personnel remove drowning victim from nearby Shrewsbury River, 2017.

MB boy scout troop, 1956.

Racoon Island, 2018.

Old MB Post Office, 1950s.

Channel Club Tower pool area, 2018.

MB coast after Hurricane Sandy, 2012.

Sunset at The Shores condominium, 2010s.

Hurricane Sandy aftermath on Ocean Avenue, 2012.

Griffin Park flooding during Hurricane Sandy, 2012.

Baseball field at Griffin Park, 2017.

Soon-to-be MJ’s Restaurant on Beach Road, 2018.

MB Post Office, 2017.

MB lacrosse players, 2018.

MB Commissioner Jim Cunniff (l) with Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli, NJ GOP governor candidate 2017.

MB postcard, 1960s.

Old MB police kiosk on bank property, 2018.

MB Seahawks baseball team, 1950s.

Jay Ross and Pat McConville at MB Cultural Center renovations, 2000.

Pat McConville at MB Cultural Center renovations, 2000.

Ocean Avenue storm damage, 1950s.

MB Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary, 2000s.

View of Rumson Country Club from MB, early 1900s.

Channel Club marina, 2014.

Sunset in Monmouth Beach, 2017.

Ocean Avenue in MB looking north, Early 1900s.

At the corner in Monmouth Beach, 2017.

Sallee Tee’s Grille, 2010.

Train tracks in MB, early 1900s.

Surf fishing off MB, 2007.

Storm damage at MB oceanfront, late 1920s.

Storm damage on MB oceanfront, late 1920s.

Storm damage on MB oceanfront, late 1920s.

Storm damage on MB oceanfront, late 1920s.

Tiki Hut at MB free beach off Central Road, 2017.

Ocean Avenue looking north from MB-LB border, 1966.

Griffin Park ball field area flooded, 2018.

The Shores Condominiums on Ocean Avenue.

An American seaside home for working women at MB, 1881.

Monmouth Beach at sunset, Winter 2019.

MB Artist Dr. Patti Barham Campbell, 1990.

Breakwater Cove condos, 2018.

Mayor Sue Howard working on her boat at Monmouth Sailing Center, 2006.

Swan in the Shrewsbury at MB, 2019. (Jack Flaherty Photo)

MB coast looking north, 2019. (Jack Flaherty Photo)

Ducks rest on Manhasset Creek, 2019. (Jack Flaherty Photo)

The MB Somers Brothers: Terry, Tim, Cliff and Bob at Boyle’s Tavern, 2018. Tim is now a borough commissioner.

The Channel Club, 2019.

Boy Scouts tend Osprey’s nest at Griffin Park 2017.

MB-LB beach borderline, 2011.

Postcard of MB street, 1920s.

MB Sandpipers holiday luncheon, 2018.

Head on car wreck on Ocean Avenue in MB, 1973.

A couple of Harbor Seals rest on the shore in Monmouth Beach, 2018.

Ocean Avenue in MB looking north, early 1900s.

MB coast, 2015.

MB coast, 2015.

MB seawall steps along Ocean Avenue, 2018.

MB seawall steps down to Ocean Avenue, 2016.

MB coast looking south, 2016.

MB coast looking north, 2016.

O’Brien Realty building on corner of Beach Road and Riverdale Avenue, 2016.

Beach Tavern on Shrewsbury River, 2016.

Beginnings of Mihm’s Boat Works at the foot of West Street, 1930s.

MB native Walter “Buddy” Burns (r) with President George H.W. Bush in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, DC, 1992.

A white-tailed deer crossing Valentine Street, 2018.

Old police kiosk on Wells Fargo Bank property, 2018.

My Kitchen Witch cafe, 2018.

Hurricane Sandy damage, 2012.

Patten Avenue Bridge over Manahasset Creek, 2018.

Ocean Avenue seawall, 1950s.

Ocean Avenue seawall, 1950s.

Flooding on Riverdale Avenue, Oct. 2018.

Sketch proposal for MB’s first oceanfront highrise, Dec. 1970.

Boat ramp at the foot of West Street, 2018.

MB coast in winter, 2017.

Lou Sodano in his MB Mart, 1970s.

MB Commissioner’s Awards Dinner, late 1990s.

Boyle’s Tavern, 2018.

Pete’s Inn (now Boyle’s Tavern), 1950.

A family of Mute Swans near Griffin Park boat ramp, 2018.

MB School new playground under construction, 2018.

MB Falcons in Tri-City Little League, 1964.

Boyle’s Tavern, 2018.

“Crab Alley” at foot of Borden Street, 2005.

Michael Angelo’s Pizzeria on Beach Road, 2018.

Beach Tavern, 2018.

James Caverly owner of Booskerdoo Coffee Roastery & Bakery in the MB store, 2017.

Wharfside Manor condo pool area, 2017.

River docks in Monmouth Beach, 2017.

MB gas station on Ocean Avenue, 1950s.

Flottbek shipwreck at Monmouth Beach, 1901.

Monmouth Beach Cub Scout’s bicycle race, 1968.

Opening of MB Deli. From left: Mayor Sid Johnson, Fred Bruno, Lucy Bruno and Bill Geroni, August 1964.

Valentine Street bridge being removed, 1960s.

Koch’s Market on Beach Road, 1920s.

The Admiralty highrise condo on Ocean Avenue under construction, 1980s.

Autos wait on Ocean Avenue to enter MB gas station during WW II rationing, 1940s.

Prominent Monmouth County historian Sam Smith and his wife Agnes at MB Bicentennial Celebration, July 1976.

MB Little League team, 1962.

Willie Horner home on Patten Avenue, 1980s.

Monmouth Sailing Center on West Street, 1970s.

MB baseball team , 1970s.

MB Little League team, 1962.

MB Little League team, 1962.

Monmouth Beach Boy Scouts, 1970s.

Monmouth Beach Cap League team, 1970s.

Monmouth Beach Royals, 1970s.

Monmouth Beach Cap League team, 1970s.

Monmouth Beach Royals baseball team, 1970s.

Monmouth Beach Falcons, 1970s.

Gas station on Ocean Avenue in Monmouth Beach, 1946.

Flooding in Monmouth Beach at River Avenue and Central Road, 2018.

Riverdale Avenue flooding, 2010s.

Sign inside Booskerdoo Coffee & Baking Company, 2018.

MB borough offices on Willow Avenue, 2017.

Ed Carlton League team from Monmouth Beach, 1970.

Raccoon Island birthplace of John Farrell, MLB player and World Series winning manger, 2017.

MB corner store, 1976.

Ocean Avenue in MB after Hurricane Sandy, 2012.

Shore Regional High School in West Long Branch, 2018.

Coach Jim Garrett (r) with his four sons in Monmouth Beach, 1980s.

Sheridan’s garage torn down, 1931.

The Kittell’s from left, Helen, Ellen and Melton, 1901 (Helen was the MB School principal from 1922-46)

Bill Geroni and Fred Bruno the MB Deli owners, late-1970s.

Beach Tavern on West Street, 2016.

Shores Condominiums on Ocean Avenue, early 2000s.

Businesses in Monmouth Beach Village Square, 2017.

Captain James Heimbold memorial at Griffin Park, 2017.

My Kitchen Witch restaurant on Beach Road, 2017.

Dock pilings at Monmouth Sailing Center, 2017.

Borough coast looking south, 2017.

Old time drivers in Monmouth Beach, 1920s.

MB Police Chief Dick Keller at borough ice skating event, 1970s.

MB School on Griffin Street, 1970s.

MB corner store, 1960s.

“Crab Alley” on Borden Street, 2017.

Manhasset Creek view from Griffin Park, 2017.

Looking into outfield at Raccoon Island ball field, 2017.

Backstop at Griffin Park west ball field, 2017.

Dugout at Griffin Park east ball field, 2017.

Lockwood Family memorial at MB Cultural Center, 2017

Monmouth Commons townhouse condo complex, 2016.

Griffin Park east baseball field, 2017.

Restored MB kiosk on Beach Road, 2017.

Baseball field on Raccoon Island, 2017.

Pete’s Inn on Willow Avenue (now Boyle’s Tavern), 1930s.

Monmouth Beach Post Office, early 1940s.

Storm flooding on Ocean Avenue, early 1940s.

Superintendent of Streets Walter Roe (l) and Police Chief Charles Hornbostel (r) observe street paint work, 1970s.

Monmouth Beach ice boaters, 1941.

Mayor Lou Sodano (above) examines damages to borough seawall, late 1970s.

Boyle’s Tavern inside, 2016.

The Wharfside Manor Condo complex on Wharfside Drive, 2017.

Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno and family after voting in MB in ’17 NJ governor’s race on November 7 .

Hastings estate entrance in Shorelands, 1912.

A couple of deer in a Club Circle backyard, 2011.

MB-American Bicentennial Celebration: Parade, July 1976.

MB-American Bicentennial Celebration: Karate Demo, July 1976.

MB-American Bicentennial Celebration: Parade, July 1976.

MB-American Bicentennial Celebration: Parade, July 1976.

MB-American Bicentennial Celebration: Parade, July 1976.

MB-American Bicentennial Celebration: 3-legged race, July 1976.

MB-American Bicentennial Celebration: Parade, July 1976.

MB-American Bicentennial Celebration: Bake-Off Contest, July 1976.

Monmouth Beach Auxiliary of Monmouth Medical Center officers, 1962

Valentine Street bridge, 1919.

Shipwrecked schooner Charles K. Buckley off MB, 1914.

Sands Point North condo complex in Monmouth Beach, 2010s.

Testimonial dinner for MB School teacher Alice Johnson (second from right), 1960. Mrs. Johnson was a 1907 graduate of Chattle High School in Long Branch. She began her MB teaching duties in 1931.

Mayor A.O. Johnson (c) with family members, early 1910s.

Boyle’s’ Tavern on Willow Avenue, 2017.

Monmouth Beach coast looking north to Sea Bright, 2017.

Two Rivers Water Reclamation Authority entrance on Racoon Island, 2017

Sunset along the Shrewsbury River near Galilee, 2017.

Griffin Park boat ramp into Manahasset Creek, 2017.

Ice boater on Manhasset Creek, 1920s.

Old MB post office, 1920s.

Flooding on Beach Road, 1970s.

Flooding around MB corner store, 1970s.

Workers remove 5,000 gallons of ammonia from the old MB Cold Storage plant (“The Freezer”), 1983.

MB School 1st Grade Class, 1958.

MB-American Bicentennial Celebration on Beach Road, July 1976.

MB-American Bicentennial Celebration on Beach Road, July 1976.

MB-American Bicentennial Celebration on Beach Road, July 1976.

MB-American Bicentennial Celebration on Beach Road, July 1976.

MB-American Bicentennial Celebration on Beach Road, July 1976.

MB-American Bicentennial Celebration: 3-legged race at Griffin Park, July 1976.

MB Cold Storage Company truck, 1940s.

Shorelands Boathouse, 1930s.

Maney House on Riverdale Avenue, 1920s.

MB-American Bicentennial Celebration on Beach Road, July 1976.

Sallee Tee’s Grille surrounded by flood water, 2010s.

Beach Road looking east, 2017

MB School, Class of 1952.

Professional office building on Beach Road, 2017.

Dead Humpback Whale on Monmouth Beach shore, 2009.

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