Monmouth Beach’s Neighborhood Bar

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2 Responses

  1. Christopher Clarity says:

    After my father’s article appeared in the New York Times, he told me a story about a woman who lived on Ocean Avenue. She approached him in Boyle’s and spat her drink in his face. Her reason: because my father had written that people didn’t lock their doors in Monmouth Beach, which we never did. Emmett Boyle, the owner and one of my father’s best friends, banned her for life.

  2. Sean Connelly says:

    I well remember My bro’s and sis’s Christmas caroling in Boyles. Mr. Boyle (who we knew as a dignified usher at Precious Blood-and were a wee fearful) was behind the bar as we timidly went in on that cold night. His warmth and welcome is legendary in our family. After singing Hark the Angels,he asked us to sing Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem and collected tips from the patrons and himself. He was kind, asked after our parents, complimentary and full of the Christmas spirit. I always looked forward to seeing him at Church thereafter.

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