“Wild West” Connection in Long Branch

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  1. Frances Picard says:

    My sister’s best friend in high school was Mary Ellen Cody … a direct descendant of Buffalo Bill Cody. Unfortunately, she passed away at the age of 18, shortly after graduating high school.

  2. Theo says:

    Great article Greg yet let us not forget the Kiernan Surfing Association that leased the surfing rights in front of those houses from 1965-1972 from Whitesands Beach Club owner George Savoth.

    We have been awarded a monument from Seven Presidents Park commemorating our tenure and status as the first organized surfing club on the Jersey Shore!

    And at our 50th Anniversary the city of Long Branch awarded us the key to their city as well as recognizing us and declaring so on their books as June 26th Kiernan Surfing Association Day!

    Also, the Historical Society of Long Branch has honored us by having us in for a presentation of our history.
    You may Google us to find a plethora of links of our tenure.

    Theo Brantly

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