Monmouth Beach Clubhouse Hotel Images

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3 Responses

  1. Paula Murray says:

    As always Greg, great job!

  2. Mike Whitacre says:

    I am amazed by these photos! Fantastic job! All of this should be displayed at the Library and Borough Hall. It is a wonderful look back at how Monmouth Beach became a vacation destination in the late 1800s and how it was enjoyed by our U.S. Presidents: #23 Benjamin Harrison and #25 William McKinley U.S. (Note: his V.P. Garret Hobart 1897-99 was born in West Long Branch – 6/3/1844)

  3. Tim says:

    At some time, wasn’t there a statue or small plaque somewhere in this area with President Grover Cleveland on it? Maybe it’s been replaced? Don’t live in NJ anymore so I can’t go check and no marking on Google.

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