George Sheehan: “The Running Doc”

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  1. Charlotte Snedeker says:

    I knew this was about the legend and the man, Dr. George Sheehan, before I opened the FB link to the story. I recall him handing out water to runners from his Ocean Grove home. He knew the importance of staying hydrated when running.

    Although I was never a runner, I always enjoyed reading about the Running Doctor in the Asbury Park Press as I grew up.

    • Vicky Pisani Douglas says:

      Dr. Sheehan was the only runner you’d see on Rumson Road. I was a classmate of his son Andy at Holy Cross. When Mrs. Sheehan told us in 8th grade that Andrew refused to cut his hair (to the Nuns satisfaction) so he may not be walking with the graduates, I was so impressed that his parents supported his choice. Such great hair he had!

  2. S. Good says:

    Doc George kicked ass past me at the weekly Takanassee 5k in 1978. I was 26 and he was 60. I did a mere 7-minute mile and Doc would do it in a 6-minute mile. Of course, Doc would be at the finish line enjoying a beer.

  3. Rod Taylor says:

    I remember seeing him in the late ’50s running past our house on Ridge Road in Rumson wearing a singlet and high cut silk shorts. When I asked who that guy was I was told: “that’s Doctor Sheehan the heart doctor, he thinks running will help your heart. He’s crazy.” He was a phenomenal writer about running, and I don’t think ever got the credit that others (like Jim Fixx) got for their efforts.

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