Monmouth Beach School History

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4 Responses

  1. Kathy Anastasio says:

    So sorry that you didn’t mention my late brother in law, Phil Anastasio. During his many years as the custodian, “Mr. Phil” touched the lives of many children, teachers, and administrators.

    • Scott c says:

      I remember Mr. Anastasio! He seemed so coooool to me as a young boy. I learned what 80-grit sand paper was from him because I was directed by Mr. Persiponko to get it to sand off graffiti I had made on a desk! Lol.

    • Lauren M says:

      I loooooved Mr. Phil. I constantly got my locker jammed from being so messy. I’d walk to his office and didn’t need to say a word. He’d say “my locker is jammed. I can’t get it open.” While shaking his head and laughing. I always felt so lucky that he was nice to me.

  2. Al says:

    Great job. Extremely valuable. Love remembering. Thanks for the help. Never fully understood how unique it was but I suspected. How lucky we were.

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