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MB Patriots: Chief Richard L. Keller

Richard L. Keller, that rare fine blend of command and merriment, was the ultimate public servant. The town’s longest serving Chief of Police was...


Looking Over Monmouth Beach

Enjoy some shore heights … Here are more than 100 interesting aerial images from around Monmouth Beach — past and present:


Monmouth Beach History Archive

Want to do some binge-reading about Monmouth Beach history — pick a link and have a look: • Monmouth Beach’s Founding Father — HERE •...


Monmouth Beach’s Founding Father

The founder and first settler of the coastal area today known as Monmouth Beach (other than the true first settlers, Native American Indians) was...


The Trials of Dr. Carl Coppolino

Exploring my physician-dad’s small medical book collection in Monmouth Beach one day, I found an oddly titled one, The Practice of Hypnosis in Anesthesiology...


MB Cultural Center: Members Wanted

The Monmouth Beach Cultural Center is now conducting its 2018-19 membership drive. The cost for a 1-year membership is $25 for a person and...


Monmouth Beach: Did You Know?

This is an ongoing list, to which I will add frequently: • Lincoln Bedroom — Robert Todd Lincoln, the first son of America’s 16th...