Category: MB People


Bill Heath: Lord of the Beach

For many summers and for many people, the Monmouth Beach Bathing Pavilion has been an excellent spot to relax and enjoy. And a man...


MB Commissioners Through the Years

The first borough commissioner I ever knew well was Sidney B. Johnson. No surprise there — he was a Monmouth Beach icon. Those familiar...


MB Politics: Johnson & Johnson Style

During the first century of Monmouth Beach governance, for nearly half of that time a dynamic father-son combo ran things as activist mayors. These...


MB Patriots: Chief Richard L. Keller

Richard L. Keller, that rare fine blend of command and merriment, was the ultimate public servant. The town’s longest serving Chief of Police was...


Elmer J. Fudd via Monmouth Beach

While researching Monmouth Beach history, I’m frequently surprised by the caliber of people who have called this small community home. One former borough resident...

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