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Miscellaneous Monmouth Beach ….

Maps, letters, flyers, pictures, stories, ads, documents, signs, odd and unusual images of Monmouth Beach. I claim no ownership of the images — I...


“Monmouth Beach Yankees”

Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and other New York Yankee baseball legends hanging out in Monmouth Beach? Yes, it happened. Most people probably...


The Trials of Dr. Carl Coppolino

Exploring my physician-dad’s medical book collection in Monmouth Beach one day, I found an oddly titled one, The Practice of Hypnosis in Anesthesiology written...


The Monmouth Beach Golf Club

Monmouth Beach was likely home to the first formal golf course on the Jersey Shore.* Just before the turn of the century, investors purchased...


Lifeguard or Doctor?

To a healthy and happy Summer of ’20 … The summer before my father began medical school, he was a lifeguard at a New...

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