Category: MB History


Bridging to Monmouth Beach

Since Monmouth Beach is pretty much surrounded by water — a creek, a river and an ocean — bridges are necessary. The borough once had...


Monmouth Beach School History

Back to school in MB … Formal public education in Monmouth Beach — at least the concept of it — got its start over...


MBPD: Serving & Protecting

  The MB Good Guys in Blue … A main reason why Monmouth Beach is such an outstanding community is because residents believe they...


Monmouth Beach “Yankees”

Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and other New York Yankee baseball legends hanging out in Monmouth Beach? Yes, it happened. Most people probably...


Monmouth Beach Aerial Images …

Enjoy some shore heights … Have a look at more than 100 interesting aerial images from around Monmouth Beach — past and present:

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