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Making Beautiful Music in Monmouth Beach

It’s the musical equivalent of Bruce Springsteen, Charlie Puth, Billy Joel, Taylor Swift, and Frank Sinatra among others all coming to Monmouth Beach for...


Monmouth Beach School History

The MB School begins its new year of education on September 5 … Formal public education in Monmouth Beach — at least the concept...


Looking Over Monmouth Beach

Enjoy some shore heights … Here are more than 100 interesting aerial images from around Monmouth Beach — past and present:


The Blueprint for Monmouth Beach

First incorporated in the Spring of 1871, the Monmouth Beach Association is largely credited with developing the borough that we know today. The group’s...


Monmouth Beach’s Almost President

Monmouth Beach can’t claim that a resident was President of the United States. Almost though. Garret Augustus Hobart, born in neighboring Long Branch, was...


Going to the Corner Store in MB

A corner store — nearly every community has one, as does Monmouth Beach. Down through the years many a borough youth can say they...


“Monmouth Beach” Senators

In my ongoing effort to undercover Monmouth Beach history, I have determined that two United States Senators had strong connections to this shore town....